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Tree climbing program comes to Golden by Amy Woodward published 8/12/14 

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Courtesy photo Nicole Olalla sits in her harness high up in a tree during a climbing course.

Climbing trees may seem like child’s play, but challenging oneself to see the world from a different view is far from folly.
At least that’s the perspective — albeit 200 feet up from the ground — from tree climbing enthusiasts Harv Teitelbaum and Nicole Olalla of Tree Climbing Colorado.

“I started witnessing what happens to people when they climb,” said Nicole Olalla, tree climbing instructor. “Something happens when you’re up in a tree — something happens there that is special.”

It’s an experience that is personally felt by the climber but in the end, strapping to a harness and climbing a tree is all about connecting with nature, Olalla said, especially in a world that is overcharged by technology. “I think nature is an antidote to that,” she said. “We need it.”

Olalla and owner of Tree Climbing Colorado, Harv Teitelbaum, will be taking their tree climbing courses to Golden on Saturday, Aug. 16, which will introduce a new Golden Tree Climbing Program in Parfet Park with the goal to climb a large Cottonwood.
The program is open to all ages with registration available through the Golden Community Center’s website.
“It’s a lot of fun and for some people — it’s changed their lives,” Harv Teitelbaum said.

Teitelbaum started climbing trees around 12 years ago and has been influencing others to do the same since then.
But what about a fear of heights?

That’s not a problem, Teitelbaum said. Attached to a rope, the climber is able to control their speed and pace.
“It turns out to work very well for people,” he said.

Tree climbing is catching on with the establishment of a global organization dedicated to recreational tree climbing that formed in 2007.

The attitude to ascend a large tree isn’t about conquering the climb but is instead about being a part of the canopy and of course, the view.

“That’s what we look for a lot of times,” Teitelbaum said who has climbed ponderosa trees in Colorado and Oregon and has observed the sprawling valleys below. “We really respect and appreciate trees,” he said.

To sign up visit  and click search. The program can be found by typing in Golden Tree Climbing Program or using the number 24003-3. Sign-up costs are $36 a person with future programs available on Sept. 14 and Oct. 12.
For more information about Tree Climbing Colorado go to

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